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In other words, to try it is
adopt it.
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Your job, your health
<<You can say goodbye to the rings!>>


Julien Gandon, an ergo-designer based in Brittany, invented the Exthand scissors. For many years, he witnessed his relatives in the hairdressing industry suffer from Musculoskeletal Disorders. They did complain of pain in their hands, wrists, and shoulders from handling a pair of scissors with rings all day. He decided to create these revolutionary scissors without rings after five years of research and development in the field of ergonomics. Exthand scissors, with their natural grip, allow you
to free your fingers from their rings
and then obtain a completely ergonomic grip that is tailored to the cut,
allowing you to maintain a perfect position during the cut.


A study conducted by the Journal of Occupational Medicine found that after using these scissors, 100% of users had their pains completely or significantly reduced. They allow hairdressers to maintain a perfect posture while working, limiting the appearance of TMS. After only six months of use, the results are unequivocal!

*AIST87 March 2018 Etude

Exthand offers a variety of ranges that will perfectly match your cutting techniques and experience.
This ensures maximum comfort with a scissor that becomes an extension of your hand!
Lames / Blade
Japanese steel
Pochette grip silicone
The silicone grips are specially designed for maximum comfort, and they perfectly fit the shape of the fingers.

Your tool,

your customization...

Your Charms

Choose the charm that best suits you and turn your work tool into a beautiful piece of jewellery. There are 14 charms available: Alien, White Diamond, Blue, Pink, Light Pink, Red, Purple, Exthand, Flower, Glam, Infinity, Unicorn, Mustache, Skull.

Interchangeable Grips

The silicone grips are movable and allow for a good grip regardless of the cut. More than ten colors are available to customize your pair of scissors to your preferences: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Plum, Pink, Red, Taupe, Translucent and Light Green are some of the colors available.
Palette couleurs Grips
Exthand’s scissor goes even further by considering
your needs and preferences.
Jérôme Bérubé
What professionals think about it.

Jérôme Bérubé

<<Throughout my career (now over 30 years), the most important thing has been and continues to be having the best posture in the execution of my work. With the help of the scissor Exthand’s ergonomics, I was able to achieve my goal. This is an extension of my hand.

I have been mentoring two young hairdressers for a while now. I introduced them to the scissor Exthand from the start, hoping to pass on my knowledge. It makes me happy to see how easy it is for them to do their work in an ergonomic position.>>