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The design is intended to adorably accommodate the fingers. The coiffeurs are ecstatic about this new way of working, but they must be used correctly! We are here to assist you. We’ve put together a collection of instructional and demonstration videos for using Exthand scissors. We explain everything, from base manipulation to left-handed hand grip!
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Finally! It is possible to cut yourself while still respecting your body. Come see some cuts made with scissors and ergonomically correct gestures. 41% of your working time is spent cutting: it’s time to be aware of the risks associated with your postures.
Audrey Petit

Audrey Petit

Since I have been using the scissors, I’ve been experiencing tunnel problems. When I cut, my overall posture improves. All of my movements have become more natural and precise.
Xavier Ho

Xavier Ho

These scissors are ideal for precise hair cutting. As a coiffeur, I find the Exthand scissors to be especially comfortable for the palm to palm, cut on the sides and back, as well as the point cut on top. They also allow you to engage in conversation with coworkers and clients!



How do I keep my Exthand scissors?

– Place the lower grip between your major and annular.

– Close your hand to ensure the stability and control of your grip.

– To activate the lame, place your thumb in the upper grip.

The index can be left free or placed on the fixed blade plate near the clamping screw.

How do you adjust your pair of scissors?

– Hold a pair of scissors with the point facing up, now with your right hand in the lower grip.

– With your right hand, pivot the other blade until it is horizontal.

– Remove the blade and observe what happens. The moving blade must come to a halt with the vertical. The blade does not stop and continues to rotate until it reaches the vertical position: your vision is not sufficiently serrated.

– Using the provided key, rotate the vis in the direction of the aiguilles of a watch.

– Check the clamping and make any necessary adjustments. The blade stops before the ideal position: your vision is too serrated.

– Turn your head in the opposite direction of the aiguilles of a watch.

– Check the clamping and make any necessary adjustments.

How do I get from my scissors to the comb?

To free your fingers when taking the comb, proceed as follows:

– Lock the scissors with your thumb. Your fingers are now free.

To return the scissors to the cutting position, flip them over with your middle finger, or simply by flicking your wrist, then put your thumb back in its place.

How do you change your grip?

– To remove the grips from your Exthand pair of scissors, follow these steps:

– Begin by releasing the lower grip by pulling it, while keeping the scissors firm and the thumb on the upper grip.

– Place the scissors in their protective cage or wrap their lames in chamois skin.

– Now, release the upper grip by pulling on the grip's most fine end. Perform the opposite process to reposition the grips.

What precautions should be taken?

Straighten the blades' thread.

Using the chamois provided, wipe the blades and the joint of your Exthand scissors regularly (once a day minimum).

Lubricate the clamping area

Your Exthand scissors are delivered with a vial of maintenance oil.

Regularly add a drop of oil to the clamping area to keep the surface clean and increase cutting performance.

Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil evenly over the blades.

Adjusting the clamping

The correct tension setting ensures smooth opening and closing of the blades and a perfect cut.

Check the tension of your scissors regularly or as soon as you feel a decrease in their cutting performance.

What guarantee do I have for my scissors?

Exthand scissors are warranted for one year against any defect under the condition that they were used correctly (see the operating instructions) and that no damage, even if not visible to the naked eye, occurred because of a fall.

The guarantee is only activated upon presentation of the purchase invoice. As a result, the defective parts will be replaced.

Warranty exclusion: The warranty is not applicable if one of the blades or the body of the scissors has been damaged by a fall, or after cutting a material other than natural hair.

How do you change your charms?

You can easily change the charm of your pair of scissors by unclipping it with your nail. You can then replace it in the designated location.

What are the prices and delivery terms?

You can fill out a contact form found on the contact page.

More information will be provided by our team.